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The Observatory is an interactive and open access hub dedicated to gathering primary data, crowdsourced perceptions and in-depth analyses on sociopolitical risks across the African continent. By bringing together a diverse range of expertise on risk-based governance topics, the Observatory aims to amplify voices from African perspectives on challenges often overlooked and uncover potential blind spots in sociopolitical risk assessments. These new datasets explore public perceptions of risks across the African continent around five topics. Ahead of the annual report, the Observatory is regularly updated to inform data-driven risk management recommendations and enhance unique foresight and coordination between policymakers, organisations and the general public.
Sociopolitical indicators
Risks identified
By topic
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Equality and inclusion

  • Discrimination based on religion and beliefs
  • Discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation
  • Discrimination based on physical characteristics and appearance
  • Ethnic and community discrimination
  • Unequal access to public services

Community and society

  • Large-scale displacement and migration
  • Community mistrust
  • Loss of culture and tradition
  • Low community participation
  • Low freedom of speech or misinformation and fake news

Development and growth

  • Pollution and destruction of natural resources
  • Unequal access to transport and mobility
  • Lack of training, employment and business support
  • Lack of technology, infrastructure and cyber-security
  • Unequal access to property and land rights

Security and safety

  • Climate-related threats and natural disasters
  • Violent extremism
  • Spread of infectious diseases
  • Consequences of regional or international conflicts
  • Criminal activity and illicit trade

Institutions and leadership

  • Abuse of power
  • Erosion of rule of law and justice
  • Low civic engagement
  • Lack of inclusive political representation
  • Poor delivery of public services
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Public risk perceptions

Understanding how people perceive threats is crucial to effectively preventing and managing challenges and enhancing participatory governance practices. During times of uncertainty, the influence of various non-state actor groups can lead to a reduction or exacerbation of sociopolitical risk drivers. The maps present the top perceived risk in each country per topic and indicate which key actor group has the most positive or negative impact on the challenge identified. The results shed light on the fluidity of roles and responsibilities of non-state actors in emerging compound risks at the country- and regional-level differences for preventative solutions and early-warning coordination. Click on the topics to discover different maps highlighting public risk perceptions.

Blind spots in risk assessments

Blind spots in risk assessments are areas where there is little-to-no visibility. The primary qualitative data below focuses on overlooked or hidden risks perceived by various actors, including the general population, universities, sector experts, businesses, NGOs, community leaders, media, military sector and public authority representatives. Click on each region and country to discover the insights collected through consultations.
Organisations consulted
North Africa
West Africa
Central Africa
East Africa
Southern Africa

Curated expert insights

The library of the Risk Observatory provides open access to research and insight contributions. The library aims to bridge interregional expertises and offer a consolidated platform to explore the interconnected aspect of emerging sociopolitical challenges and the growing influence of various non-state actors in the human security architecture.
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The African Risk Compass is an inclusive, evidence-based platform gathering primary data to address sociopolitical risks across the African continent. The initiative is led by Axle International, an award-winning risk and innovation firm which develops crowdsourced data solutions to assess emerging challenges and create risk-informed growth across the African continent.
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