Current opportunities

The African Risk Compass welcomes valuable contributions from individuals who want to help shift narratives about development across the African continent. We look forward to welcoming you to our dedicated and mission-driven community.

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch with us to explore avenues of collaboration, please email us at:
Compass Ambassador
We are looking for our next cohort of Ambassadors to support the mission of the African Risk Compass.

Be part of an exclusive community and benefit from visibility, access to a global network, and tailored opportunities, by:
  • spreading the word about the Compass through your network
  • organise online and offline consultations in your community
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Compass Volunteer
We welcome volunteers and their contributions to support the mission of the African Risk Compass.

Volunteer your time and skills to the Compass on a part time basis and be part of a dedicated and mission-driven team, by:
  • contributing to the work of the Compass with your own expertise
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Compass Researcher
The African Risk Compass welcomes contributions that explore any aspect of the interconnected, emerging challenges across the African continent and the growing influence of various non-state actors in the human security architecture, with particular attention on overcoming siloed approaches, sharing experience between communities, policy-makers and researchers, and improving inclusiveness and participation in governance and decision-making processes.
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Continue to share your voice with the Compass
We will run other surveys and would like to continue sharing your voices and perspectives on challenges that matter.

If you would like to be kept updated with further paid and unpaid opportunities, please join the waiting list below:
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The African Risk Compass is an inclusive, evidence-based platform gathering primary data to address sociopolitical risks across the African continent. The initiative is led by Axle International, an award-winning risk and innovation firm which develops crowdsourced data solutions to assess emerging challenges and create risk-informed growth across the African continent.
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